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Anything for me but mindless good taste.

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Anonymous asked: Do you yearn for love?

not really

Anonymous asked: My ex won't stop texting me I've deleted her number and everything how do I get her to stop

block her number. but be nice, poor thing seems hung up on you. 

Anonymous asked: Fuck marry kill Sara Ramirez Jessica capshaw Zoie palmer

Kill Sara, fuck Jessica, marry Zoie

Anonymous asked: Ya Chlo I would fck u soooo good u wouldn't need an older woman


"I knew it wasn’t too important, but it made me sad anyway."

- Salinger

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Anonymous asked: what do you enjoy?

I don’t know. Some days I enjoy everything and some days I enjoy nothing but most days I can’t tell if I’m enjoying something until it’s over. 

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Anonymous asked: What's your favorite thing to eat

saucy pad thai, melt in your mouth bbq, carbonara, ultra thin crust pizza, pear & prosciutto stuffed tortellini, filet mignon, and great burger.  

Anonymous asked: Yo chlo, I want to take you for a pedal boat ride.

not really someone who enjoys pedalling